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Vegetarian Glucosamine

Those days are now gone, when only proteins and vitamins where consumed as dietary supplements. Today, plenty of essential biomolecules that were once synthesized only within the body are being manufactured on a large scale and used as dietary supplements; D-glucosamine is one of them. D-glucosamine biochemically is an amino sugar and is a precursor for the synthesis of glycosylated lipids and proteins in the body. It is also a precursor for the synthesis of glycosamino glycans, which is the key component of bone cartilage. This implies that supplemental glucosamine could help in rebuilding the cartilage and promote overall bone health.

In kids and young adults, glucosamine is adequately synthesized within the body. However as the age advances or in the case of a few metabolic disorders, the body will not be able to synthesize adequate quantities of glucosamine, and this is when including glucosamine in the diet becomes necessary. Food is the primary source for most of the essential nutrients, but this isn’t the case with the glucosamine. There are no food sources that can help the consumers with sufficient quantities of glucosamine.

Glucosamine as a dietary supplement

Glucosamine products, which can be used as dietary supplements, are available in different forms and the glucosamine sulfate is the most common type. Nevertheless, this type is associated with a few limitations such as the quality of the product, the effectiveness, allergic reactions, etc.

There are vegetarian alternatives that are synthesized from fermented corn or wheat. The vegetarian glucosamine or glucosamine HCl is said to be more concentrated form when compared to shellfish glucosamine i.e., the vegetarian type will provide the body with more glucosamine with lesser consumption when compared to the shellfish glucosamine.

Many individuals are not being able to consume glucosamine products, as these are being derived from shellfishes and sharks, and vegetarian glucosamine could be an ideal source of glucosamine for them. Shellfish glucosamine is said to trigger allergic reactions and worsen asthma symptoms in few individuals. And, this form also comes with high levels of hazardous heavy metals, which isn’t the case with the vegetarian glucosamine.

Studies show that the effectiveness of vegetarian glucosamine could be enhanced by consumption of vitamin C and manganese. Vegetarian glucosamine could also be consumed with vegetarian chondroitin supplement in order to aid bone healing and cartilage development at a faster rate. Other nutrients like vitamin D, beta-carotene, minerals such as calcium, boron, magnesium, etc. are also important for the effective functioning of glucosamine in the body.

What makes vegetarian glucosamine, a promising dietary supplement?

A good number of studies have shown that providing the body with additional glucosamine promotes chondrocytes production, pain alleviation, enhanced joint lubrication, and efficient shock absorption. Apart from these benefits, other functions of vegetarian glucosamine in the body include bone density improvement, bone fracture healing, articular cartilage protection and prevention of degenerative disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatic arthritis.

Vegetarian glucosamine products come with limited side effects and are generally safe with very fewer contaminants and harmful chemical residues.

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