Turtlenecks sweaters, top, crop tops, dresses have invaded everyone’s wardrobe this season. It’s our personal favorite trend at the time. Here’s ways you can elegantly sport that turtleneck clothing before its too hot to cover up your necks!

  1. Layer it under a strapless dress or jumpsuit for a cute, feminine look.

  1. Put on printed, high waisted trousers under a solid colored Turtleneck top for a more formal look (or if you’re just a pants girl)

Cosmopolitan Times Turtlenecks

  1. Accessorize it right with a simple necklace or big hoop earrings.


Cosmopolitan Times Turtlenecks

  1. Wear a tight A-line skirt for a chic, elegant look.

Cosmopolitan Times Turtlenecks


  1. Looking for something desi? A turtleneck crop top as a blouse is the key to stay warm while wearing a sari.

Cosmopolitan Times Turtlenecks


  1. Put it under a blazer and you have a perfect formal outfit!

Cosmopolitan Times Turtlenecks


  1. Who said turtlenecks are just for winter? Put on a turtleneck crop top with a scarf or a denim jacket like the diva Selina Gomez!

Cosmopolitan Times Turtlenecks