Skin Aging

Skin aging is the gradual process by which skin loses its elasticity and its ability to repair itself, developing the characteristic elderly appearance of aged skin in the process. The collagen in the skin breaks down with time, and also as a result of certain environmental stress factors. For instance, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun directly breaks down collagen in the skin and damages DNA, making it that much more difficult for the skin to bounce back and making the damage more or less permanent.

Skin aging often starts out fairly mildly. People start out with getting a few lines of expression, which are specifically caused by individuals making the same facial expressions for years and years and no longer having skin that is elastic enough to bounce back from them. People will often start to lose the color in their skin as the skin aging process continues. Many people gradually develop skin that has a much duller and more sallow appearance. Declining hormones in middle age can cause people to develop skin that is very dry. In addition to being aged, this is going to damage the skin further.

When the skin has lost a great deal of collagen, it will usually begin to sag. Many people in late middle age will start to develop the appearance of sagging skin around their eyes, mouths, jaws, and many other parts of their races. Additional wrinkles are going to form as a result Elderly skin, which has lost moisture, collagen, and elasticity is loose and heavily wrinkled. Many Dark Age spots form as a result of sun exposure that may have occurred years ago, but will show up as a result of the damage that the skin sustained at that time.

Aging skin can be a tremendous source of stress to the sufferers, and everyone is a sufferer. People’s other facial features don’t age nearly as much as their skin, so aging skin is what immediately identifies a person as young, middle-aged or elderly. There is a stigma against being elderly in most cultures, and even middle-aged people can suffer from certain social stigmas. Their skin will automatically give them away as people who are past young adulthood. People who develop aged skin in young adulthood are going to feel like an entire life stage has been removed from them.

Pro’s Skin Health

Eat a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Many of the problems that are assonated with skin aging can be traced back to a person’s diet. People who take multivitamins and people who are sure to eat a wide range of healthy foods are going to be that much more likely to retain youthful and healthy skin later in life

Drink Lots of Water

Some people manage to prematurely age their skin just by avoiding the water sources that their skin and the rest of their body will desperately need in order to maintain elasticity. Individuals who drink more water are going to have much healthier looking skin than the people who don’t, and they will be able to maintain healthy skin for much longer.

Eat Healthy Fats

Too many people still operate under the assumption that all rats are bad, and they are going to cost themselves years of skin health as a result. Healthy fats from nuts, seeds, certain oils, and fatty fish can tremendously improve the appearance of anyone’s skin, moisturizing it and allowing people to maintain healthy and youthful skin for longer.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

The antioxidants in fruits and vegetables can help people ward off some of the effects of skin aging. Antioxidants are going to be able to help people prevent all sorts of problems, inducing lessening the effects of aging.

Go Barefaced

Wearing too much makeup can dry out the skin. People who wear lots of makeup on a regular basis certainly are not going to improve the appearance of their skin in the long run. Makeup is also full of toxic chemicals which can potentially promote the aging of the skin indirectly.

Use Moisturizer

People need to be able to find solid moisturizers in order to protect their skin as they get older. Wearing some good moisturizer each and every night before bed can make all the difference for the individuals who are interested in maintaining the health and well-being to their skin over the course of years.

Get Enough Sleep

People who don’t sleep enough are going to age their skin long before its time The body repairs damage to itself during sleep, which is going to make it that much more important for adults to get all of the sleep that they need. People who are not able to make enough time for sleep should do everything that they can in order to do so, since sleep is so crucial to skin health.

Use the Right Products

Plenty of skincare products promise people the fountain of youth while offering nothing in return. However, retinoid and many similar products really can promote skin health and skin youth for a long period of time and these are great investments for the people who are interested in staying younger for longer.

Eat more Protein

No one needs to go on the Atkins diet for the sake of skin health, but eating a diet high in protein is going to help nearly everyone who is interested in maintaining skin health Protein is going to be crucial for anyone who is going to be trying to heal his or her skin.

Get Enough Exercise

Too much exercise is not going to be good for anyone skin However, the individuals who are able to exercise enough on a regular basis are going to keep their hormones at the right level, and they’re going to be that much more adept at maintaining healthy and youthful skin, especially if they exercise indoors.

Maintain a Healthy weight

People who are underweight are often going to look prematurely aged, since racial fat makes skin look younger People who are obese are going to stretch out and weaken their skin. Individuals who are constantly weight ceding can promote premature skin sagging. The individuals who have a more moderate weight that they maintain for years will look after their skin more effectively.

Con’s of Skin Health

Avoid the Sun

There are few pieces of skincare advice that are more important than this one. Nothing damages the skin more than the sun; short of certain drugs People who spend more time in the sun are going to age their skin raster. Sun bathing even with sunscreen, is out of the question for people who are trying to avoid skin aging. Even people who spend a lot of time driving in the sun without their sunscreen are going to risk potentially aging their skin. It’s better to take vitamin D supplements and avoid the sun as much as possible.

Avoid Alcohol

Many people love to spend their youthful years drinking a lot of alcohol, and these people will start paying the price for it fairly rapidly. Alcohol is terrible on the skin, and the more people drink alcohol, the more they are going to damage their skin and promote premature aging. Alcohol is a genuine poison, and the people who drink it on a regular basis are going to be poisoning their skin.

Avoid Rough Towels

Some people manage to damage their skin because they are drying their skin off with towels too hard, which is a frustrating way of making one’s skin older. The people who air-dry their races after washing them or the people who dry them off carefully and gradually are going to do much more to promote youthful skin.

Avoid Harsh Cleansers

Far too many people use the harshest and most damaging acne creams that they can rind on the market, and they are going to suffer the consequences later in life. There are plenty of gentler herbal remedies that are really going to allow people to get dear skin, and these herbal remedies are not going to cost people their skin health later in lire. Bad skincare products will dry out the skin, causing it to age faster.

Avoid Sugar

Eating some sugar is going to be fine, but the people who eat diets that are extremely high in sugar are going to cause their skin all sorts of premature aging. These individuals are going to need to make sure that they reduce dietary sugar.

Avoid Certain Poses and Expressions

Some people can stop themselves from getting certain lines of expression just by modifying their body language. People don’t get forehead lines if they don’t raise their eyebrows all the time, for instance, People who rest their cheeks in their hands during idle moments can sometimes worsen their laugh lines as a result. Individuals who have more neutral racial expressions often age better for a reason.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Some artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are actually linked to the acceleration of the aging process, and that induces skin aging. Eating more natural foods in general is good from a skincare perspective, and some additives are much worse than others.