Choosing a skin lightening or skin whitening cream is a big decision to make as you need to ensure the safety of your skin first. Before choosing any skin lightening product, it’s best that you understand how such creams are made and what they do to your skin.

Ensure the Safety:

Having a lighter and glowing skin is a dream for every person, but for this you shouldn’t compromise your safety. The first thing you should look in a skin lightening cream is the list of ingredients they have used in making a product. Best go for a natural base product which contains less chemicals or natural bleach agents which lightens the skin. The one component that generally has potential to harm your skin is “Hydroquinone”. This chemical does lighten your skin, but it’s only temporary.  In time, this chemical darkens your skin and sometime disfigure the whole face also.

Choose skin lightening products which contain plant-based compounds that makes the skin healthy. This way you can lighten your skin and rejuvenated skin cells without any side effects.

Importance of the Antioxidants

We all know about the importance of consuming antioxidant food on a daily basis to keep your body toxin free and boost skin repair process. There are many skin whitening creams which use these natural antioxidants in their cream to boost skin repair which will naturally give you a healthy glow and lightened skin. So, before you buy a skin cream, do check if they are offering you antioxidants compounds.

Extra Care for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin people generally have thin skin that can be easily damaged with slight scrubbing or heavy chemical based skin. When you apply whitening cream, it’s advisable to apply a small amount of cream in the inside part of your wrist. This way you will easily knowing whether the cream is suitable to your skin or not.

Protection against the Sun

When you keep on using a skin cream, you actually reduce the melanin level of your skin. Melanin is an important compound that is responsible for the pigmentation and protection for your skin against the harsh UV rays of the sun. So, when you apply skin lightening cream, you have a potential threat of having skin damage under the sun. This is why many dermatologist advice of using a good SPF sunscreen after application of skin lightening cream. This way you protect your skin cells from getting damaged from harsh sun rays. If your skin lightening product contains zinc oxide, it will also protect your skin under the sun.

Pick the Skin Care Range

Most of the skin care product comes with a whole set which includes a cleanser, moisturizer and night cream. This whole range is made so that the consumer can effective results in short span of time. When you go for skin lightening product, it’s advisable to pick the conjunction products also.

There are many products which works better when used with some other products from the same range. If you want to achieve comprehensive results on your skin in a small duration, then it’s advisable to pick the entire skin lightening product range.

Having a fair and glowing skin is not a bad thing to wish for. But, it would be unwise to damage your skin by using heavy chemical based products which can damage your skin permanently. Choose your skin lightening cream wisely and feel beautiful on the skin you have been given by the almighty.