Under eye gel to remove puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes

My name is Rihana. I work with an MNC in Noida. I have a son, who is 1 year old now. My schedule is, Waking up at 8.30; rushing for the office; reaching late to the office; every day hearing scolding from my boss for coming late; working under stress for the whole day with the intent of finishing my work as early as possible; reaching home late; eating my dinner after 10 pm; watching TV with an expectation of giving some part of the day to the so called “Entertainment”; sleeping at 1 pm; that too is not a deep sleep!

The result of all this is, I hate looking at my face in the mirror, as my beautiful eyes now look swollen all the time. I am just 28 years old, but I can even notice wrinkles around my eyes. Dark circles were always a problem since my childhood, as I have a habit of taking a lot of stress. I look over aged due to all this. Everyone keeps on suggesting me; apply cucumber, potato, papaya, and all that they know as Grandmother’s recipe for removing puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles from around the eyes.

I have tried almost everything and to some extent, few of these shows result, but the results are very slow, and due to lack of time, I cannot maintain anything in routine. Recently, I visited a Dermatologist, and she has guided me to apply Bionova’s under eye gel, known by the Brand name “I-Gel”. I am applying I-Gel since last 10 days, and I can see the results are prominent. Swelling around the eyes has almost vanished. I can notice that the dark circles are reducing and even the wrinkles are vanishing.

I apply I-Gel twice a day, just after washing my eyes with cold water in the morning and before going into the bed.  The results are so prominent in just 10 days that my friends and relatives have started telling me that I look very fresh nowadays. My dermatologist even suggested me that I can apply it around my lips as well. I-Gel is a wonderful product from Bionova.

Few days ago, I remember, my neighbor, Shruti also suggested me to apply I-Gel. She is applying it since last 2 months after her Skin specialist suggested her same for the under eye treatment.

I-gel is available at most of the online stores and medical stores in India.