Is your fat belly bothering you or are you having a hard time concentrating on your regular tasks? Your colon might be playing a big role here…

The colon or your large intestine is one of the most important organs in your body, which is involved in the elimination of unassimilated substances in the form of feces. Unfortunately, your colon is the first organ to be affected in the case of body intoxication. A toxic colon will not only hamper your digestion and excretion, but will also have several other negative impacts.

A toxic colon will:

• Cause excess stress on your heart
• Cause stiffness in the joints and lead to arthritis
• Cause muscle weakness and fatigue
• Lead to lack of concentration
• Lead to premature intrinsic aging and cause wrinkles and fine lines
• Cause bad breath
• Lead to unexplained weight gain
• Cause bloating or distention of the abdomen

Colon intoxication, if ignored, will lead to the rupturing of the colon. The bacteria that are supposed to be located in your intestine will be released into your abdomen that will lead to severe complications, and sometimes death too.

How does the colon intoxication happen?

Most of the times, it is the auto intoxication that leads to a toxic colon. In the case of auto intoxication, the body becomes poisoned with its own waste. The rotted fecal matter accumulated in the large intestine leads to bowel degeneration, inflammation, fissures, ulcers, diverticulosis and polyps.

Other causes of the toxic colon include Clostridium difficile infections, Irritable bowel syndrome and Chron’s disease. Consumption of food that contains pesticides and other harmful chemicals also leads to a toxic colon.

Apart from waste elimination, the large intestine has several other vital functions such as pH balance, neutralization of potentially harmful bacteria, curbing the hunger and improving the nutrient absorption. For all these reasons, protecting your colon becomes paramount. Cleansing your colon regularly is one best way to make your colon work efficiently. There are several cleansing methods that help you get rid of every bit of toxin from your colon. Here are some of the colon-cleansing techniques that take lesser time and work effectively.

Colon Cleansing


You might have known that drinking plenty of water is one effective method of detoxification and it is not any different in the case of a toxic colon. Hydration prevents the fecal matter from becoming hard and dry. If you are experiencing bloating you should largely feed on liquids, and it need not be just the water. You can drink, milk, green tea, fresh fruit juices, stews and even soups. For better results, make sure the water you drink is lukewarm. 3-4 glasses of lukewarm will promote bowel movement instantly, which will help you feel better.

Salt Water Flush

Salt water flush is one of the most popular remedies for colon cleansing. It is one of the ancient remedies and is widely used as a solution for different conditions of a compromised bowel system. This treatment is more effective and safer than other treatments such as laxative teas or diuretics. Salt water treatment works by bringing out a forceful bowel movement.

What makes this treatment safer is that it naturally boosts your body’s detoxification and waste management mechanisms and gets rid of the toxic compounds from your body. This treatment makes your body feel light and less sluggish. Flushing your body with salt water will also restore the ionic balance in your body.

All you will be doing drinking warm water that has half a tablespoon of iodized salt mixed in it. Within 5 minutes, you will have an uncontrollable urge to use the bathroom, and it should not be held back; most of the toxins will be eliminated during the first time itself. However, if the condition is a little serious, then you might need 2-3 rounds of this treatment. This treatment does not take more than 7-8 minutes and the relief is also instant. Adding a few drops of lemon juice to the salt water will give better results.

Consuming Yogurt or Pro-biotics

Sometimes restoring your natural gut bacteria could be a solution for most of your health complications. According to the Harvard Health reports, the beneficial bacteria present in yogurt cleanse your colon in no time and give you a quick relief. Bacteria are a lot faster than we think…

If you are not a big fan of yogurt, then you can opt for pro-biotic solutions that contain all the important bacteria to make your colon happy. The good bacteria present in these solutions will fight against the disease-causing bacteria in the colon, aid digestion, and expel the toxic compounds naturally.

Ginger Cleansing

Ginger is largely known for its blood-purifying and blood thinning properties. Recent studies have shown that ginger could be an effective colon cleanser too. Ginger is recommended as a natural treatment for colon-related problems, as it stimulates the secretion of digestive juices that promote effective digestion and eventually triggers the bowel movement.

You can either prepare yourself a ginger smoothie or mix a few drops of ginger juice with the lukewarm water and drink it. Ginger cleansing, not only feels good for your stomach but also helps your body relax and feel light.

Fibre Cleansing

You would probably know the importance of fibre-rich food in the digestion process. Fibre-rich foods, just like the water, improve your bowel movement. For a quicker relief, you should consider drinking cabbage or apple juice, as these are rich in dietary fibers. Studies have found that drinking apple juice regularly could prevent the colon cancer too.

Of course, there are other treatment forms like the enema, bowel-clearing laxatives, etc.; but, these need your doctor’s supervision. Your intestine has natural abilities to clean itself; however, regular cleansing will protect its function and eventually boost the performance of your other vital organs.